New Games Dropping Oct 2019

October is right around the corner and we have some games coming our way that are new, returning and just down right exciting. This is a list of games coming to Consoles, PC etc.

Games available on:

PS4, Xbox1, Stadia and PC

Destiny 2: shadow keep Oct 1st

Ghost Recon Break point Oct 4th

Grid Oct 11th

PS4, Xbox 1 and PC

Indivisible Oct 8th

Plants vs. Zombies Battle of neighborville Oct 18th

WWE 2K20 Oct 24th

Call of duty Modern Warfare Oct 25

The Outer Worlds Oct 25th


Concrete Genie Oct 8th

MediEvil Oct 2th (PS4)


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Oct 31st

The witcher 3: Wild Hunt complete Edition Oct 15

Little Town Hero Oct 16

Ring fit Adventure Oct 18


Neo Cab Oct 3rd

Lovecraft Tales: the Whisperer in the darkness Oct 18th

PC & Mac

John Wick Hex oct 8

PS4 Xbox 1, Switch & PC

Trine 4: the nightmare Prince Oct 8

Yooka-Laylee and the impossible lair oct 8

Children of Morta Oct 15

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD Oct 29

Moons of Madness Oct 31

Switch and PC

Doraemon: Story of Seasons Oct 11

Killer Queen Black Oct 11

PS4 and Switch

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Oct 29

PS4 & PC

Travis strikes again: No More Heroes Complete Edition Oct 17

After Party Oct 29


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Oct 22

Few… Man when you look at them all it’s hard to believe we have all these games coming out in a month. But that’s pretty typical this past year. What games on the list do you see that shocked you? If you saw E3 you would know of some of them.

For me, I wan the John Wick, After Party and WWE game. I know of that entire list I had to do a top 3 for me but many look interesting that make the top 10 list.

What is your top 3? Leave them down in the comments and be sure to let us know what more you would like to see from the blog. Game reviews, game guides, more from mobile? We are all ears.

Galaxy out,


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